Want to make homemade meals for your dog? This is all you need to know before you start

Homemade meals are the healthiest option for your pet, but only if prepared properly

Homemade meals are a healthy and economical way to feed your dog. Many dog ​​owners start cooking for their pets to avoid harmful additives. There are also those owners who have to cook because of their pet’s health. Whatever the reason, you can easily prepare a home-made meal for your dog.
Your dog’s nutritional needs

When it comes to making homemade dog meals, a lot of people think that their pets are fed solely with protein. This is not true. Dogs, as well as humans, need a wide range of proteins, starches, and vegetables to meet basic nutritional needs.

If dogs eat protein alone, they are deficient in important vitamins that can lead to thyroid deficiency and problems.

On the other hand, not eating enough protein can lead to impaired immunity, muscle failure and blood disorders. That is why a balanced diet is very important. Many veterinarians recommend that the meal always be balanced: 40% protein, 50% vegetables, and 10 starches.

What ingredients to use

Each food category offers a wide range of ingredients to choose from. Most importantly, keep all ingredients fresh and free of additives.


People often think that dogs eat only beef, but there are other sources that can also satisfy the need for protein. Use the liver sparingly, because the organ in animals may contain certain impurities, of inferior quality. You can use the following protein sources:

Beef – minced or cut into small pieces
Turkey – Easy to digest
Chicken – Cheap, Available
Fish – best mackerel and herring, no more than twice a week
Legumes – beans, but it should not replace protein from meat
Eggs – moderate


Dogs can eat different vegetables, but you should be well informed as the list of forbidden vegetables is long.
Allowed vegetables include:

Broccoli and CaulifloweBeef – minced or cut into small pieces
Turkey – Easy to digest
Chicken – Cheap, Available
Fish – best mackerel and herring, no more than twice a week
Legumes – beans, but it should not replace protein from meat
Eggs – moderate – These can cause gas in the dog

Carbohydrates contain important vitamins for the dog. They also provide fiber for healthy digestion.

Rice – best brown
Potatoes – must be cooked
Pasta – with or without salt
Sweet potatoes
Foods you should avoid
Dried grapes
Walnuts and macadamia nuts
Spices like curries, peppers
Raw yeast dough

It should be emphasized that you should not use spoiled foods or budding foods. You do not have to give the dog what they would not eat on their own. Garlic is a controversial ingredient. Raw garlic especially. However, many owners who cook for their dogs, insert a clove or two of cooked garlic as an ingredient in the meal. Check with your veterinarian to see if your dog can consume the food and how.

Ingredients to use sparingly

Some ingredients are not harmful to your dog if you use them in moderation.

Dairy – Some dogs have digestive problems, so you can give them from time to time
Oil – especially canola oil (rapeseed)
Maize – like dairy products, in dogs that have digestive problems
Tips for Making Dog Food

Spices are not included in dog food. Do not add salt, pepper and other spices. Whenever you can choose fresh vegetables as it is healthier than canned and frozen. If you just have to pick a can, look to get the one that contains the least sugar.

Make larger portions to store food once a week.

Take good care if you want to give your dog leftovers as they often contain spices, butter and other ingredients that are not good for your dog. Always check with your vet first to see if it is okay to change your pet’s diet. Ask him if your dog should use any nutritional supplements you can put in freshly made foods.
Making high-calorie foods

There are situations where you need to make extra calorie foods for a dog who is underweight. Always talk to your vet first, especially in cases of extreme malnutrition, because giving them too much food at one time can cause other medical problems. One way to increase calories is to put more protein and carbohydrates in the meal you are preparing or to insert one hard-boiled egg – Love to Know reports.

Are the homemade meals the right choice for you?

Veterinarians advise owners to use proven recipes to make food for their dog, because if you don’t make a good nutritional ratio, you can create a problem. Contact your veterinarian or a registered dietitian if you are unsure how to dose your food properly.

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